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I figure it’s about time to give you guys an explanation on why I haven’t posted anything recently (besides the rants I know ALL my readers come for).  To be honest, I have no excuses – I’ve just been putting it off.  I haven’t done much of anything, honestly – summer’s here, and it’s too hot to breathe without becoming exhausted.


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But now that it’s below 70, I figured I should post something.  Sadly, I don’t have the energy to write a review of a game, and most anime of the last three seasons I’m still catching up on, or haven’t rewatched to write a review.

That leaves Tabletop… or art.  and I’m not really drawing when my sweat binds my arm to my book.

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Quick First Look: Fall Season 2017

Ah, autumn.  The leaves turn that orangish-brown, and fall off of the trees.  The crisp air flowing out of your lungs touches the cold air, appearing as a small cloud.

…And the fucking snow.

Gotta love Alaska.


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Anyways, we’ve got a good crop of anime right at the start of the season, so let’s see who the candidates are!

Gintama: Another one?

Black CloverFrom the creators of Naruto and something else is this show about becoming a wizard or something.  Looks kinda cool.

Infini-T Force: Imagine if Gatchaman, Casshern, Hurricane Polymer, and Tekkaman all came into a single anime series that would run for a whole season OH WAIT.  (Honestly, I only know about Gatchaman and Casshern).  It’s for Tatsunoko Productions’ 55th anniversary, so congrats.

Juuni Taisen: Imagine if there was a magical battle that was fought by people representing the Chinese Zodiac.  Now imagine that to win, you need to collect a bunch of poisonous jewels from each of the other contestants’ stomachs while simultaneously protecting your own stomach.  Oh, and there’s guns and swords and shit.  If you just said “What?”, you had my exact reaction to the first episode.

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara: Something something something drunk girls.  I wasn’t going to watch it originally, but there’s a qT that I want to see.

Shokugeki no Soma 3As a rule, I don’t watch cooking shows, because they make me hungry for food I can’t afford.  Just watching anime is kinda breaking that rule; if I also watched this show on top of that, I would be dead from starvation during the first season.  Also, there was something about tentacle rape in the very first episode.  So yeah.

Konohana Kitan: Cute fox girls doing Hanasaku Iroha things.  And I loved HanaIro.  Let’s see if the furry in me does as well.

URAHARA: So, I thought I watched the first episode of this.  But when I started the second episode, I was so confused, I just turned off my computer and went to sleep.  I’ll try again later.

Ousama GameIf you like shows that incorporate the use of common Japanese games you may love this one.  Especially of you like supernatural, psychological horror.  Blondie got what he got.

Dießirae / Dies irae: Something to do with Nazis and magic.

Kino’s Journey~ The Beautiful World: Already rating this show 10/10.  While the second episode was just a retelling of two 2003 episodes, hopefully it will follow the path of the first episode, and give us new tales about Kino and Hermes.  If you can’t tell, I love Kino’s Journey.

Girl’s Last TourA strangely haunting and interesting anime about two girls in a post-apocalypse.  In two episodes, we’ve learned more about the world surrounding them than the actual characters – which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your view.

Blend S: It’s like if Working! crossed paths with a personality maid cafe.  Actually, it’s exactly that, with a creepy fetish-hungry manager.

Land of the Lustrous: To really enjoy this show, you’ll have to get past the main art style: complete 3D animation with Anime-style graphics.  It’s cool, but painful.

Mahou-Tsukai no Yome (TV): I really enjoyed the OVA’s.  Well, OVA; I never saw 2 or 3.  But the first episode for the series was great.  Highly recommend both the OVAs and the TV series.

Two Car: I actually don’t know anything about this show.  It looks like Boobs then Animation by Silver Link featuring KyoAni.

Stupid Fucking Little Sister Bitch Season 2: Also known as Himouto! Umaru-chan R.  If the title didn’t tell you my feelings for this show, then nothing will.  Ebina best girl.

Sho-Bitch: No, this isn’t an insult to this show – it’s called My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch.  It’s a funny show, but I wouldn’t call her a bitch, just socially awkward and sexually frustrated.


…and of course My Hero Academia S3.  But you probably know how I feel about that.

There’s a lot of interesting shows this season – most I’ll probably watch, but there are some on the Shana Project page that I didn’t even list.  This season looks really good, so here’s hoping for the best, and for no flops.

Those I didn’t comment on:

UQ Holder; Cinderella Girls Gekijou; Sengoku Night Blood; Tsukipro the Animation; Love Kome S2; Just Because!; Yuuki Yuuna Washio Sumi Arc; Classicaloid 2; Code:Realize; Love Live Sunshine 2; Kekkai Sensen & Beyond; Idolm@ster Side M; Anime-Gataris; and so many more that I didn’t list.

Good luck, Fall 2017 season.  We’ll see how you fared in November… and then again in January.


Good night everyone.

~Mister M. Ark. Isif

Quick Reviews: Summer 2017 Late Review

To be honest, this season didn’t really stand out to me.  At first, there were a few shows I was excited for, but then I came to find out that most of them were half-length episodes (or shorter).

My bane for anime.  A show that can’t waste more of my life than the average.

But in regards to that, there ended up being some shows that I picked up near the season’s end, that I honestly didn’t think I would like, but ended up liking, or even loving.


Shamelessly stolen from a Google Image Search.

As always, the following half-assed reviews are my personal opinion.  Whether you agree or not, it’s what I thought when watching the show(s).  Get over it, you’re reading these reviews on a blog, not ANN.

Summer Season 2017 Quick Reviews:

Kakegurui: 7/10 Because I was watching it through Hiryuu, the releases weren’t exactly on-time-weekly; I have a few more episodes to watch, but it’s definitely one of my favorites from this season.

Aho Girl: 7/10 One of very few half-length shows that I would recommend.  It’s just the right amount of comedy length to show how stupid people can get for bananas.  Probably will go back and finish it… eventually.  Also, Dubious Boobius.

Tsurezure Children: 5/10 I did like this show at the start of the season.  But I couldn’t handle watching two half-length shows, when one was enough to drive me mad.  It still seemed cool.

NTR – Netsuzou TRap: 5/10 Same problem with Tsurezure; I didn’t even finish the first episode… much like I couldn’t finish the first two chapters.

Made In Abyss: 10/10 One of few shows that made me actually cry.  Great show about exploring deep holes.  One of three or four I picked up after the fact.

A Centaur’s Life: 8.5/10 Surprisingly interesting, mainly for the lesbians.  Come for the lesbians, stay for the… lesbians.  Also an interesting world, with half an episode about their version of WW2.

Princess Principal: 9/10 Really want a second season; whether or not it will happen depends on the reception of the consumers, though.  Also has a game coming out, so that’s pretty cool.

Tenshi no 3P: 3/10 Usually, I can’t go wrong with lolis.  But this show seemed to be cute for the sake of being cute.  While that’s not always a problem, this show focused too much on fanservice in it’s first three episodes, which will turn off most people quickly, I think.

Isekai Smartphone: 8/10 I only saw the first episode, but it was a great episode.  Top-notch comedy.  The Wikipedia summary was hilariously on-the-nose about it.  It’s great.

New Game!! (S2): 6.5/10 I really like lesbians, but this show caught up to the manga really fast… so much so that I lost my place.  Either way, it’s basically the same as last season, with some new characters, and a couple new events.  Definitely an acquired taste,

Classroom of the Elite: 9/10 A twist I should’ve saw coming from a mile away.  That’s what this show was.  It also sets up nicely for a continuation.

Gamers!: 7/10 I’m going to watch more, I promise.  This show’s just a little difficult to watch.  Also, I needed to rewatch Made in Abyss a couple thousand times.


Out of this list, there were a couple that I meant to watch,  but didn’t (Hell Girl, Hajimete no Gal, Clione no Akari, and Fate/Apocrypha) as well as some that were really popular this season, that I just wasn’t interested in (Knights and Magic, Konbini Kareshi, Welcome to the Ballroom, and Teekyuu season FUCKING 9?!).  In any case, this season seems to be just as interesting as the one I just covered.  Prepare yourself for the next review, coming soon!


Prepare for Double Posts!

I know I haven’t been posting as often as I promised…

But for once, it’s because I was working on material for this!
This past month has been full of interesting things, and even more so, this season of media.  The anime lineup was top-notch, and (through word-of-mouth) I was able to get into some new games, which I plan to review soon.
So, hold on to your butts, because tomorrow and the next day, there will be posts regarding the anime lineups of this season and last (as well as the hype I have about 2018).  In addition, I plan to post two or three game reviews by November 25, so keep an we out for those!
Signing off,


Quick Reviews ~Anime #2

Not going to talk as long this time.  Just wanted to note that I’m getting this out within two weeks of the last post (12 days, to be exact), so yay for that!

[All scores are superficial based on what I, as a viewer, have seen, inserting my personal tastes as criteria for said score.  Don’t get pissy, its just a review on a blog.]

Kyousougiga8/10 Saw this show when it first came out as an ONA back in 2011.  The show doesn’t make sense unless you start from Episode 1, but otherwise, it’s interesting.

Bungou Stray Dogs8/10 I know I already reviewed this more thoroughly, but I just rewatched the series in its entirety.  I love this show, just because of the characters, and how they mesh with the story.  Also, Atsushi x Kyouka is totally a thing, and I dig that.

Full Metal Panic! (1, 1.5, and 2)7.5/10 Great show that’s aged rather well.  Military porn and SoL with a good mix of blood and gore in TSR.  Also, mechs, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Re:Zero9/10 I really need to finish this.  Rem / Ram best girls.

Alice & Zouroku7.5/10 Finished up through Episode 6, and forgot to download the rest.  Basically, old man meets magic girl, and tames her by whapping her every time she fucks up.  Great sense of comedy and seriousness.

Ichigo Marshmallow?/10 Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched all of this.  But it’s essentially “Little girls doing little girl things while being monitored by the lolicon older sister”.  There’s just not a rating that I can justify giving this – it’s good, but it’s not revolutionary.  何?

Saga of Loli Hitler: 9/10 Real title is Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanja the Evil.  Great, great show, but kinda predictable.  But the predictability plays well in this show, if you know war history.  This show is basically “Guy insults God to His face, then tries to survive WWII with magic”.

Flip Flappers7/10 Reminds me a little of Kyousougiga and Gurren Lagan if the main cast were lesbians.  Flip flappin’ Flip Flappers.

That’s all for this Quick Review.  Next time, Quick Review ~Games #1!  Look forward to it!

Quick Reviews ~Anime #1

In the spirit of not being dead, I decided I’d start writing some reviews for anime that i have recently watched / finished…Well, that was the original plan.

If you’ve noticed the blog, I keep promising to write reviews for series and games that i have finished (or started and regretted).  This is because I am lazy, but it is also due to recent time constraints regarding work and finishing these medias – at least to a point that I can safely review them.

Besides that, I’ve tried multiple times to address this – creating plans for my review process.
But enough of that!!!  Instead, I will work on big reviews when I can, and in their place, use the endcard-style review that I enjoy so much, from one of the best Anime reviewers on YouTube.

Demolition D+ (Or Douchebagchocolat, for you YouTubees).  Without further ado, here is the new “Quick Review” series!

[All scores are superficial based on what I, as a viewer, have seen, inserting my personal tastes as criteria for said score.  Don’t get pissy, its just a review on a blog.]

MonMusu no Iro Nichijou: 6/10 Missed this back in 2015, because it seemed like that borderline hentai stuff.  It basically is, but it feels more fulfilling than To-Love Ru.

Kizumonogatari I-III: 9.5/10 If you know me, I love Monogatari Series, and this was the thing I’ve been waiting for since I started.  Coming soon, a full-faced review for these.  Seriously, go watch them.  Now.

3-Gatsu no Lion: 6/10 Started watching this ’cause I thought it had something to do with Shigatsu.  It doesn’t, but it’s good.  IT kinda dragged on after Episode 8, though, not gonna lie.  Still catching up.

SaeKano S1 and S2: 7.5/10 Megumi best girl.  Need to catch up with Flat, though, I’m falling behind.

Akashi Records: 8/10 Didn’t know what to expect out of this, but watched it anyways.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Lots of comedy.

Hibike! Euphonium S1&2: 8/10 That’s kinda hot.

Scum’s Wish: 7.5/10 Love the show, but like 3-Gatsu, kinda drags on in parts (but both are SoL, so it’s forgivable).  Review coming soon.  Maybe.

Silent Voice: 11/10 Would Cry Again An anime movie I had been following since it and Kimi no Na Wa were announced.  Really liked it, and hope to post a better review in the future.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge: 6/12 (Looking at you, DDYSubs) Really like this show for the level of comedy and pure revenge this kid is going out of his way for.  Koiwai best floof.

My Hero Academia: 8.5/10 I didn’t not honestly think I’d enjoy this show.  Started watching it because of a gif where Froppy slaps Mineta with her tongue.  The show’s interesting, fun, and has enough violence and dark themes to make me think the show’s gonna get dark (I haven’t read the manga).

Kakegurui: 7/10 Gambler porn about a girl that gets turned on by bets.  I won’t lie, that’s why I’m watching.  Oh, and show literally means Compulsive Gambler, so… yeah.
That will be all for today.  Hope you guys have a great week, free of my rants (just don’t scroll down on the front page).
Stay awesome,

~Marcosias “The Butter Pat” McGregor