A new bunch of characters

Well, today after school, I had some time to kill, so I ended up creating a few new characters (total of five for that story). The main focus is (you guessed it) a loli who has few emotions, that goes by the name of Miyu Tentoki (天刻 美夢) and is an adopted orphan that lives with a man named Sasukei (working last name). It is dated after a war known so far as The Third Nuclear War, and will probably be based on modern-day earth.

More details to unfold… Maybe.


Thank you for the memories~!

Welcome all to my very special (not really) blog. In this blog, I hope to orchestrate my last year of high school, as well as voice my complaints an feedback on any new anime, manga, games or events that I might come across. Obviously, since I hardly update my club blog, there is a low chance that I will update this regularly, so it might occasionally be updated by my close friend, ARISU.

First order of business, I’d like to inform you all that I get information and games later than most, and usually from secondary sources, such as Sankaku Complex (Warning: NSFW content).

Thank you for seeing,
Marcosias A. Isif