L, R, L, R, stop and dash


This person, alpner, has recently made my life a bit more hilarious with his awesome quotes. And I’d like to share them with you, my readers.

Anyway, I guess I should talk about something other than other people. Well, too bad. Heres more about another person that you probably don’t know much about yet.

Miyu's Profile Picture, not very well-scanned

As you can tell, my new printer sucks when it comes to scanning artwork.

Miyu 「天刻 美夢」 is a young girl of 13 years that once had a large family. Always living as an orphan, Miyu was surprisingly smart and quick-witted for her age, even compared to that of an adult. Currently, however, she only has one remaining sibling (the others lost to various sicknesses and causes); Ita Tentoki.

As for the picture above, the bulleted stuff reads:
Miyu Tentoki
+1 sibling – Ita Tentoki (O. Brother)
+13 years old
+Written with the kanji for “Everchanging Sky’s Beautiful Dreamer”
+Fairly emotionless
+Favorite color is orange
+Favorite animal is fox
+Often wears a [orange] hoodie and nothing else, or nothing at all
+Quite short; growth seems to be completed…

…And one thing I left out, but is pretty obvious, she loves melon bread.

Hopefully I can upload a better picture later.


2 thoughts on “L, R, L, R, stop and dash

  1. hmm… she’s definitely cute. I know her bio. however, the plot is missing. I don’t know whats wrong but something is missing, maybe color. or a bio of her color. other than an orange hoodie.(eyes,hair, etc). I like the style she has and the look she gives. I bet she looks cute w/a hoodie on. Haha keep up the fun blogs.

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