Where I’ve Been

‘Sup, all?

I’m very sorry that my posts have been diminishing at a (not really) alarming rate, but I have been decieved by my internet, which has just come back to me. Sorry for the wait.

In other news, there isn’t really any other news. I haven’t really done much of any drawing lately, and my stories are in a huge, crap-filled rut right now. However, I do have some suggestions for you entertainment seekers.

~For you game lovers, check out the latest installment of Resident Evil, or if you’re more for non-horror-style violence, COD (available 11/2/2012).

~For you anime lovers that watch subbed anime on random sites, just check out the subbers that make it happen! (Note, these fansub groups are among MY favorites, not widely accepted. Be warned.)
-Evetaku~ A little bit of EVErything oTAKU! (http://evetaku.com/blog/)
-Underwater~ One rainy day… (http://underwater.nyaatorrents.org/?nav=blog)
-Mazui~ [No subtitles] (http://mazuisubs.com/)
-Sakura Circle~ The Pinkest Fansubbing (http://sakuracircle.info)

Just so you know, the last one is very new to me, and seems to be a bit behind on their releases, compared to Mazui or Evetaku. And these are just my top groups, discluding Adohomo Subs, Coalguys/Coalgirls, and AnimeShoko…
And just in case you ever get bored, a list of 100 anime laws that cracked me up the first 20 times.100 Rules of Anime