REALLY late post…

Yeah, my bad. Two posts are late this past week.
•Friday was supposed to mark the beginning of Game Review Friday, but I never finished my review of the game.

•Sunday was supposed to mark the once-a-week “What’s Up” to my followers and brigade members.

So, yeah. This next week shall be the TRUE start for this crap. Until then.


Lots and lots of crap… But I’m back.

So, a while ago (less than four hours, in fact), I was asked how one of my projects was going- a Pokemon-based comic centered around shiny Pokemon represented by me and my friends. The answer: not well. In fact, I’m planning to discontinue a lot of my series that I had started. This includes the Pokemon comic, my manga Akibæra, and most depressingly, my Albel story. I don’t think I’m up to the difficult, never ending journey of being an “artist”…

Thank you all.

…You just got Cosias’d!
I am a bit stuck on most of my artistic creations, but I don’t give up (easily).

Just thought I’d get that out.
Later, I’ll post a review of a game. Later this week.
Back to the plot, I have a couple new ideas that might help my current crap.

• A second story based around Albel.
• A character based off of the basic personality of Mei Tachibana from Sukitte Ii Na Yo.
• Final idea is an end-of-the-world-style story based on human “dolls”. Miyu’s in this one!!