Lots and lots of crap… But I’m back.

So, a while ago (less than four hours, in fact), I was asked how one of my projects was going- a Pokemon-based comic centered around shiny Pokemon represented by me and my friends. The answer: not well. In fact, I’m planning to discontinue a lot of my series that I had started. This includes the Pokemon comic, my manga Akibæra, and most depressingly, my Albel story. I don’t think I’m up to the difficult, never ending journey of being an “artist”…

Thank you all.

…You just got Cosias’d!
I am a bit stuck on most of my artistic creations, but I don’t give up (easily).

Just thought I’d get that out.
Later, I’ll post a review of a game. Later this week.
Back to the plot, I have a couple new ideas that might help my current crap.

• A second story based around Albel.
• A character based off of the basic personality of Mei Tachibana from Sukitte Ii Na Yo.
• Final idea is an end-of-the-world-style story based on human “dolls”. Miyu’s in this one!!


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