Forum’s Up, Bitching!!!


So, if you haven’t been watching my many blog posts every few months, you’ll not nee that I have just started a To Aru RP Forum. Please, I encourage you to check it out, or even join, if you are interesten in the series. When science and magic cross… a new world will form!!

Forum Link:


In school and bored…

…Although, I’m supposed to be working on a course. Whatever. In any case, my last update was quite lacking in informnation – most specifically about the two days I was supposed to set aside for this blog. Crap.

So, as a tangent, I will now tell you about my weekend.

First off, my birthday. It was Sunday. Meaning that I am now legally 18 (who cares about mentally?!). This means that I can now legally change my name to Marcosias Arkuus Isif if I wanted. But I won’t. Yet.

This also means that I can legally buy H-games without falsifying my age, which is SWEET (ahem, not that I actually do that… >_>;) But anyway, for my birthday, I recieved mainly three things. Hold onto your socks.
1). DmC Devil May Cry. I’ll post a review of it soon enough.
2). Three gift cards and a check. Two of them were for Regal Cinemas, one was a $50 for Gamestop, and the check alone was fifty dollars. That’s, like, a hundred dollars for games!!!
and 3). MONEY. The one thing that every birthday boy and girl looks forward to: birthday sock money. This year, I got somewhere from 40 to 400 dollars cash from my mother. I’m very happy.

But that’s nnot all I got. I also got a special gift from my mother: my own set of keys to her SUV, which means I’ll be driving places soon (assuming I get a job).

Aaaand, that it. I’m going to KARAOKE!!! tonight, so I might stop by Gamestop and blow all of my gift card money. Whatever.

I’ll post something later. Maybe.
~Marcosias Isif, soon to be!

Hey look, four minutes left!

Just a random quick update.

I just wanted to alert anyone who cares that there might be a change in my contact information in a little while.  Might.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, rants, vents, animals to attack, animals to hide, or superpowers you want to give away, you can now also contact me at  Thank you.

~Marcosias Arkuus Isif, AKA Marcus.