In school and bored…

…Although, I’m supposed to be working on a course. Whatever. In any case, my last update was quite lacking in informnation – most specifically about the two days I was supposed to set aside for this blog. Crap.

So, as a tangent, I will now tell you about my weekend.

First off, my birthday. It was Sunday. Meaning that I am now legally 18 (who cares about mentally?!). This means that I can now legally change my name to Marcosias Arkuus Isif if I wanted. But I won’t. Yet.

This also means that I can legally buy H-games without falsifying my age, which is SWEET (ahem, not that I actually do that… >_>;) But anyway, for my birthday, I recieved mainly three things. Hold onto your socks.
1). DmC Devil May Cry. I’ll post a review of it soon enough.
2). Three gift cards and a check. Two of them were for Regal Cinemas, one was a $50 for Gamestop, and the check alone was fifty dollars. That’s, like, a hundred dollars for games!!!
and 3). MONEY. The one thing that every birthday boy and girl looks forward to: birthday sock money. This year, I got somewhere from 40 to 400 dollars cash from my mother. I’m very happy.

But that’s nnot all I got. I also got a special gift from my mother: my own set of keys to her SUV, which means I’ll be driving places soon (assuming I get a job).

Aaaand, that it. I’m going to KARAOKE!!! tonight, so I might stop by Gamestop and blow all of my gift card money. Whatever.

I’ll post something later. Maybe.
~Marcosias Isif, soon to be!

Hey look, four minutes left!


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