Visual Novels are the new…novels

You read right: Visual Novels.  I don’t talk about them much even though I am a fan of Japanese culture / anime / manga, but I am a huge fan of VNs.  I even wrote one back when Katawa Shoujo was only in Act I (I was unable to work on it, though, as my laptop killed itself).
But I digress: the reason I suddenly bring up the phrase is because I am asking you.  The reader.  The Internet.  That lonely kid in the corner who has The Voice of God.

I need your help.
I have come up with a (rinsed, but solid) plot for a VN, and I am looking for helpers.  I have the software, I have the idea, and now I need the manpower (or womanpower). Currently, the things I need help with are as follows:

•Cowriter(s).  I have a basic idea and a starting point, but that’s it.

•Composer(s).  If I’ve learned anything from using a Mac for 7 years, it’s that I can’t use Music programs worth a flying shit.

•Character Designer(s).  This is a maybe, as I can draw fairly well, and I have started using a tablet for my Mac.  It’s always cool to have multiple art styles and views, though.

•Someone with programming skills.  I am relearning how to use Ren’Py, but some of the things I’m doing might take me a while to learn… or never.

•Beta Testers.  Obviously, we’ll need some VN Gamers who are willing to test it out, based on the genre of the game.  They will also help determine the game’s rating.

•Voice Actors.  This will probably be the most fun, and the most difficult (aside from programming).  People with talent to voice one of the 20+ characters I have planned will be a great help.  This is not a necessity, nor do I truly know if I can add voices to this.

•Photographers.  This goes hand-in-hand with artists, but real photographs of Japan will give the game more realistic values.

Just so I’m clear, this project is completely nonprofit.  This is due to a couple reasons, but mainly because I am unable to pay minimum wage for two people, let alone for approximately 30 people at a regular rate.  This is purely a charity project, unless we can come up with a way that everyone gets paid.

Currently, I have enlisted four potential voice roles (but that part will come much later).  At the very least, I’d like help planning the story a little better than I already have.

If you do want to help out, just send me an email, a tweet, a post, a SMS, or anything to let me know that you’re interested.  My information is below.  I will start a page for the Visual Novel(s) on this blog (and the Moronic Spasms one, if it becomes more popular).
Thanks in advance to those who want to help.

~Marcosias B.

Phone: (907)347-8885
Twitter: Marcosias Isif @DemonEvangeline
deviantArt: MarcosiasIsif
Facebook: Marcosias Adam Bowman


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