Another quick update

For those of you that follow my Facebook account, you may have noticed that I occasionally talk about an RPG that I have started with my friends. This game is real, and I am hoping to post some information on it soon. I have received generally good reviews from the people who have played it, and am planning to make it widely available… Eventually.

For now, I am planning to open a side blog for the RPG, which I will open hopefully in the next few days. I am also planning to license the series, so if I do make it widely available, it isn’t stolen.

Also, along with Moronic Spasms, I have been recording a few videos that I plan to release on YouTube soon. It is a series of Let’s Plays where I play either a horror game and die a bunch, or a personal favorite at the hardest difficulty… And die a lot. Hopefully, with the little editing I do in my videos, I’ll have them released near the middle of next month.

If you want to know more about this RPG, or you want to tell me a good horror or ragegame, shoot me a message or leave a comment below. There were will be more updates on Tuesday, if everything goes as planned.

Stay frosty, in this -35 Alaskan weather,
Marcosias Isif


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