Some updates… And something special.

I figure I should give you all an excuse for not posting a review this Friday. But to be honest, I just forgot. So, here are a few updates on what I’m doing for the blog.

•First off, a review is coming, I just want to see if I can get farther in some games for a more informed review.

•The ToAru blog that I had worked on in the past is no longer active. If you did follow it, please disregard it.

•The VN is currently on hiatus until I can get a better way to work with a group.

•Anime Review Sunday may be moved to Friday, Tuesday, or another day that I have less to do. Based on my schedule with class and work, it may be hard to keep the Game Reviews on Friday as well.

•Finally, a huge shoutout to the people who have helped me through the tough times these past few months, whether they know it or not:

Epsilon Epoch, and my other close friends
Thomas “Markiplier” Fischbach
Joy Stagdon
My family
Professor Simons
…and of course, my faithful watchers, tweeters, and followers, fans and skeptics alike.

Thanks to you all, and I hope to talk to you soon. I’ll probably post Tuesday between classes, so look forward to that.

Lots of Love,
Marcosias Isif.



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