Double Trouble! Game Reviews coming up!

So, as I stated in my last post, the next few posts may be a little cluttered.  This post is to alert all who read this blog that the next few days may be mainly Game Reviews (and since I have actually completed the story of some of these games, they can be even more accurate), although Anime Reviews will be arriving, just like the Kara no Kyoukai one.

In the next couple hours, I’ll try to post reviews for two fairly recent games; which games they are, I will not say, but I was very hyped for one, and I bought the other on a whim.  I will also review Life is Strange, the recent time-changing game from Square Enix, although I may postpone my review until Episode 2 comes out (whenever that is).  As for Anime Reviews, they may be done over the weekend, and hopefully over the ones I’ve managed to complete.

While Game Reviews might become less cluttered in a few weeks, I have a lot of Anime that I have watched previously that I may post reviews of, and that may cause posts to be cluttered for a few weeks to a couple months.  But reviews are the main reason most of you are here, so I’ll get started on the two reviews immediately.

Stay Cool,



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