Tabletop Update

So, fun fact: I have made upwards of four Tabletop RPGs:

  • Seven!, a game about people being dicks, and no boundaries.  The game has been SCRAPPED.
  • Hell/Dolls, an RP turned RPG about a world war between humans, demons, and other races.  Lots of politics and magic.  Somewhat scrapped.
  • A Horror Tale, a short story turned RPG where you are forced to play a murderer’s sadistic game.  Somewhat scrapped.
  • World’s End Umbrella (stolen from a song of the same name), an Earth Apocalypse RPG where parasites from space are creating zombies and death.  Currently playing, and actually planning to discuss with WotC.

As you can see, I have a bad history with updating people on what’s going on.  In short, this is just a little notice of what’s happening, since the sites subtitle now includes “Tabletop”.

Anyhow, the games.  I’ll give a basic (not abbreviated) description of the ones I may keep around, so if you want to play it with your friends, I can post the data later (just leave a comment!)

Hell/Dolls or Hell Dolls (Title WIP)

Hell/Dolls is a story of politics, magic, and suffering, with some lighthearted fun mixed in for good measure.  The game uses a d20 system, and has a list of abilities separated by type, racial availability, and level requirement.  There’s a lot that needs to be worked on and edited before it becomes truly playable, or enjoyed over multiple sessions.  There are a total of five political groups that the players can choose to be a part of, whereas there are 5-8 continents with varying races, technology, and resources.

This game was fun while it lasted, but the playtest team got rather bored because their were circumstances that were “planned” but not thought through.

A Horror Tale (also called AHTHorror Tale, and A Tale of Terror)

A Horror Tale is based on a series of short stories that I wrote ( revolving around a mysterious disease, and a sadistic murderer who wants people to play his games.  Usually, the story has 13 people (hence the subtitle “The Thirteen Circles”), but in this game, there can be more or less, because it is considered “the Final Game”.  There is no magic, very little skills and weapons, and is more of a puzzle survival.  While the characters may escape in one or two sessions, the game’s not complete until only one person survives (or until the murderer and his companion are killed.

I GM this off and on, with completely different methods each time.  Because it’s so vague, I stopped the games.

World’s End Umbrella or WEU

WEU is an idea for… something that I’ve had for years – it started with a simple RP, that then evolved into terms, a timeline, skin types, and finally, a tabletop game.  The game takes place on a slightly different Earth, where advances in technology and science have led the world to finding alien life – in the form of a moon-sample parasite that eats metals and possesses humans.  The game’s timeline is set from 2013 to 2022, and the campaign’s start date is 2039 (in case the characters have something important in their stories).  The game uses a mix of d20 and d10 systems, and is based off of both L5R and D&D Pathfinder 3.5e, while in all truth, it should probably be based more off of Shadowrun or something else.

I feel like I’ve put a lot of time and effort into these games; Seven! was just kind of a one-off joke, whereas Hell/Dolls and WEU became actual projects, with full rosters, timelines, calendars, and world events (currently, I have an edited World Map of our planet in the living room for our WEU campaign, with military-style pinups for missions).  On the other hand, AHT acts more as a boredom killer, because the characters, plot devices, and setups change so much in between each campaign and session.

I’m proud to have worked on these for so long; so much so, that I would like to provide resources to those who want them.  I will gladly go back and forth with you to show what goes where, and how to play.  Spoiler warning: none of my games have made it past the playtesting stage (the closest was Hell/Dolls), so these games are not recommended for extended campaigns.

Anyway, that was the Tabletop Update Post.  Thanks for being here!

-Marcosias Isif


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