Game Review: Demon Master Chris


The content in this review is intended for adults only (as most of the things on this site are).  This review covers a Hentai game, and therefore should only be bought by individuals of the appropriate age.  I’m warning you here:

!!!Viewer Discretion Advised!!!

Now, as some of you may know, I am no stranger to the world of porn – just like any sexually-frustrated, socially inept man-child, I surf the internet for my kicks enough to make me cringe.  That’s probably a little more than you needed to know, but I digress.

Occasionally, I’ll search for games (in general) that pique my interest – scifi environments, RPGs, or any game with character creation or dressup makes the top list.  As it turns out, a good majority of games that fit into this category are Hentai games – and this one is no different.

Demon Master Chris

MangaGamer Rating: Adult

Platform: PC / Linux / Mac

Price: 16.95USD (84 MangaGamer Points)

Genre: Doujin First-Person Dungeon Crawler RPG with Party-Based Combat

There is more than one world. Long ago, humanity learned of the existence of other worlds and researched methods to borrow their power. Now, even in our modern, technologically-advanced society, there are those who are able to reach out to beings from other worlds and fight alongside them.

Saiga Chris is one such conjurer.

-From AllTheTropes Wikia

As you’ve probably guessed, the game clicked my interest.  The game is set in the style of a First-Person Dungeon Crawler, not unlike the Etrian Odyssey games.  While there are set characters that you start with, you can eventually amass a large collection of monster girls to fight alongside you.  To do so, you lower their health, destroy their clothes, and Capture them.  Not so sexual, and fairly easy… in theory.


Well said, Bel.

 That brings me to both the embarrassing portion of this review… and the frustrating part.

This game is hard.

The game is definitely not a roguelike game, so when you die, you start from your last save.  Not only that, but items at the store cost so much in-game currency that you’ll be grinding for hours on end – either for currency or experience.  Items aren’t exactly expensive, but the game does a good job of NOT GIVING YOU ANY CURRENCY AFTER BATTLES.  One Heal Potion costs 50 Ether, whereas you only get about 2 per battle.  You also have to leave the dungeon after every few fights if you don’t have an Elixir (500 Ether).


Fuck you, Shop Fairy. (Not literally…)

There’s also a problem grinding early on – you can only gain the power of one of each type of Monster, so for the first dungeon, you’ll be stuck with a Mouse until you defeat the Slime at the end of it.  While the Mouse is easy to capture, it doesn’t do a lot of damage to enemies, and its easily overpowered by other Monsters that you’ll encounter.

The game runs on the Ren’py Visual Novel game engine, which seems to work well (like Katawa Shoujo), and the art style is fairly reminiscent of the artists of the Sakura games on Steam (Sakura Beach, Sakura Spirit…)

Now that I’ve bitched for a bit, how is the game as a whole?

Note: I haven’t finished the game, as I’m only about three or four dungeons in.  This review is based on early-game / biased data.

Story: 2/5

For an H-Game, this has an intriguing story. Girl trying to summon a powerful being gets reverse-summoned, and is forced to fight from the bottom ring to the top dogs.  In some ways, the game reminds me of Mon-Musu Quest, but in others, it feels like a grey experience, because it takes so much time and effort to get to the next section of the story.  Eventually, I end up forgetting why I’m capturing a naked wolf-girl, and just go buy some clothes.

Art / Acting: 3/5

I honestly should just call it “Art” for this game – if there is any acting, it is extremely forgettable (which isn’t bad…).  As I said before, the art reminds me of Winged Cloud Games, which is a very stylistic Anime-esque art style.  Characters react to having their clothes torn or destroyed, and there is a variety of faceplates for the dialogue scenes.  However, everything feels a little too static in combat… maybe it’s just me.

Character: 4/5

Chris and Bel are clearly placed as main characters (being a human and former demon god), but it seems like everyone else just takes a back seat to everything that’s going on.  Levia (the main antagonist I ASSUME) is only mentioned by name after your first encounter with her, and the helpful NPC woman is actually close to useless.

It does stand to point out that the writers do make clear distinctions between each character – from the hardheaded Chris, to the question-filled partners, to Bel, who is personally my favorite character, even if she’s more useless than prior-stated-NPC girl.

Playability: 3/5

I don’t deal well with anger, or losing constantly.  In most H-games, you are still rewarded with failure (such as getting raped to death by a succubus); in this game, you HAVE to work for your rewards, and it’s not easy.  I play it, I rage quit… and then I inevitably come back, because I want to see the rest of the damn game… and then I die again.

Overall Rating: 85/100 B

The game could definitely be better, but for a doujin H-Game, it beats most games I’ve played.  It’s simple to learn the mechanics, but hard to win at it, unless you’ve been watching every wall and floor panel meticulously.  While there aren’t romance options, I can guess from the title screen that there’s gonna be a lot of loving (or from some of the cutscenes).

As stated before, this game is for adults only (and MangaGamer doesn’t really have any preventive measures for this), so protect your children until they turn 18 (or of legal age, wherever you may be).

If you like 2d Girls and dungeon crawlers, this game may be for you.  Otherwise, proceed with caution.

… and one more for the road.

That's not chocolate.jpeg

For once, I wouldn’t mind being eaten by a mimic…


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