Testing Tabletops (that are no longer supported)

I figure it’s about time to give you guys an explanation on why I haven’t posted anything recently (besides the rants I know ALL my readers come for).  To be honest, I have no excuses – I’ve just been putting it off.  I haven’t done much of anything, honestly – summer’s here, and it’s too hot to breathe without becoming exhausted.


Stolen shamelessly from: http://lregnier.weebly.com/tabletop-rpg-club.html

But now that it’s below 70, I figured I should post something.  Sadly, I don’t have the energy to write a review of a game, and most anime of the last three seasons I’m still catching up on, or haven’t rewatched to write a review.

That leaves Tabletop… or art.  and I’m not really drawing when my sweat binds my arm to my book.


While WEU is currently on an undetermined hiatus (one member is leaving AK, the other is having family issues), me and my roommate have decided to start some interesting campaigns  Here’s what we’ve got going on:

  • To Aru no Kagaku (TAnK): Running.  We found an unfinished tabletop game for the To Aru Science Side, and it seemed interesting, so I started editing it.  We have currently gone through around three weeks in-game, and I’m still having fun.  The players still have yet to meet the big baddie I’ve made, but the general theme for this campaign is “Artificial Espers”.
  • FATE System Tabletop: Space Pirate Campaign: Running.  One of the members of TF my PB decided to start running his own campaign, placing four of us as members of a ragtag Space Pirate Crew.  Among our team, we have a young, antisocial hacker, a crazy old space coot, a former pirate captain, and me – the merchant of “reputable goods”.
  • Pokemon Tabletop United: Mercenary Campaign: Hiatus.  One of the first things we’re recording for TF my PB, PTU has turned out to be incredibly fun, despite the level of completion it says it’s at on the site.  Run by my roommate, this campaign has four to five players one who doesn’t play often), but each with their own unique skills.  On hiatus until our leader comes back.
  • Pokemon Tabletop United: Evil Campaign: Hiatus. More recent than the other PTU campaign, our Ouroboros Foundation campaign is being recorded as a side story to the Mercenary Campaign, mainly due to our leader not being in town.  So far, we’ve had one close party wipe, and a missing Pokemon from the team.  Currently on hiatus for the GM to make more stuff.
  • Legend of 5 Rings: Hiatus.  Run by our good friend, L5R is a feudal Japan / China / General Asia tabletop that uses a LOT of d10’s.  While more talk-heavy than the other games, it is great fun for people who like studying history, in my opinion.  Hiatus until the GM returns.
  • Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Hiatus.  The last game in our repertoire of fun, it is run by the fourth member of TF my PB, and has a lot more near-death and fighting than any of the other games.  For once, I play the leader (much to my chagrin) of a group of survivors, and I apparently hired a filthy human, two gator-men, and their pet gator.  Again, on hiatus, due to that *one* member being gone.

As you can see, many of the games are on hiatus (one member is out-of-town for the summer, working) – however, we’re still having fun with the two that we are running.


But, more to the point – that is, the title of this post.

While PTU is still being updated semiregularly, I found out after starting my To Aru campaign that the project has been frozen (or even cancelled) since September of 2010.

In other words, the game would not be updated again for the foreseeable future… at least not by the original designers.

Me and my roommate (We call him Epsilon) decided to rework some of the things in the rulebook, and are planning to undertake the biggest section that never got made – the use and rules of Magic in Academy City.  Hopefully, I can get some other people to help work on it, but it may be a tedious endeavor.  Currently, we are just playing the game as-is, with bits of Magic use sprinkled out (but no direct involvement yet).


As it saddens me that the game was frozen, I will continue to keep the PDF of the rules alive (or attempt to, at least).  If you are interested in seeing this game finished, or just want to give the creators a thumbs up, I’d recommend leaving a comment on their blog: A Certain Scientific RPG.

Keep in mind, I have not gotten approval to post this document from the creators.  If this document is taken down, then I will try to contact them again.  Otherwise, I will try to keep the link up-to-date.

ToAruRPG wip17 CS-48 (Character Sheet Only)

ToAruRPG wip17 Special Character Sheet (A special Boss CS that I made)

toarurpg wip17 (The last-released rulebook.  Includes original CS, and School creation sheet)


Tell your friends about this game if you love tabletop, and tell everyone you come across if you also love To Aru (I know I may be asking the 5% here, but it’s worth a shot).

Thanks everyone.  Reviews coming soon, I promise.


~Marcosias Isif


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