This blog is full of random crap in my DTD life. Nothing in this blog is meant to be infringing or offensive to any group, affiliation, religious belief, company, etc. It is meant purely to express MY personal opinion, and share


personal view of the world, its people, its interests, and its stupidity. If you are offended by this blog in any way, LEAVE. I do not condone violence, and I dislike confrontation.

Marcosias Isif, 19, is a young artist from Fairbanks, AK. He graduated from West Valley High School in the summer of 2013, and planned to go to college and room with his best friend and co-conspirator, Sam. Currently, he has completed his first semester of college, and lives away from his friend due to work. He is an avid “For-fun” gamer, and is interested in anime, manga, and almost anything Japan. His pasttimes include singing, typing, writing poems, drawing, soccer, and punching sheep.

Isif is also a fan of MMORPGs, such as Fantasica and Gaia Online. He plays all sorts of games, however; he is willing to try anything at least once. His top three games are currently Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, BlackRock Shooter: The Game, and Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. His current favorite anime/manga series are To Aru and Mekaku-City Actors, his favorite character is The Accelerator, and his favorite television series is The Big Bang Theory.


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