Scoring System (Game Reviews)

My scoring system for games and visual novels is on a five-level scale: Story, Art/Acting, Character, Playability, and Overall.

Story is the plot (what I’ve seen of the game so far), and how well I think it ties into the game, original concept, etc. Out of 5.

Art/Acting has two parts in itself, but is scored as one: the designs of the characters, environments, weapons, etc. is the Art, while the Acting (if any) is to determine how well actors fit into the character concept, and if they put feeling into their acting. Out of 5.

Character is how well the major characters fit into the game, or how focused the game was on character development. Out of 5.

Playability is how many times you can play the game before you get bored with it. Out of 5.

-Finally, Overall is, as you probably guessed, the overall score, factoring in the above scores, and my personal views and biases toward the game itself (or franchise). Out of 100.


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